Atlantic City Casino Heist Sparks Manhunt

While it was not like the operation in Ocean’s Eleven, the casino heist that took place in Atlantic City on July 21st, 2014 was just as brazen. A manhunt began on July 22nd, 2014 in search of two masked robbers who stole over $180,000 at gunpoint from an Atlantic City casino according to local media.

State Trooper Alina Spies spoke to USA Today and said that the New Jersey State Police were currently investigating a robbery that took place at Caesars Atlantic City. At the time of the interview, Spies said that the amount of money that was stolen was not disclosed. Spies did not provide any additional information on the case for fear of compromising the investigation.

NBC 10 in Philadelphia, PA and Press of Atlantic City reported that local police said that the two robbery suspects went into the casino around 6 in the morning. In addition, police say that at least one of the robbers pulled a gun before they took two boxes that contained over $180,000 in cash. The robbers then left the casino by car.

Currently, the New Jersey State Police Gaming Bureau is in charge of investigating the case. They indicated that the robbery happened inside the casino which makes it within the jurisdiction of the Gaming Bureau. The Atlantic City police investigate crimes in public areas and in hotels. Casino heists actually do not occur all that often especially with the advent of advanced security systems employed by casinos.

Daring Heists and Hollywood Getaways

One of the most incredible casino heists occurred in 2010 at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In that heist, a single robber wielding a gun walked into the casino and was wearing a white motorcycle helmet to conceal his identity. The robber, later determined to be Anthony Carleo, pointed his gun toward a craps table, stuffed the casino chips into his fanny pack and then ran out of the casino and fled the scene on his motorcycle. While it took a few months, police were able to identity and find Carleo who is now serving a prison sentence for his crimes.

Another notable casino heist occurred in 2012 in Ohio. David Hayes had been visiting a local casino and was subsequently robbed of his winnings which were worth $35,800. Matters got even worse for Hayes in 2010 when he was caught stealing from his workplace – a jewelry store. Hayes was stealing to get money for his gambling problem.

Atlantic City Fading Fast

The heist is not the only tough break for Atlantic City casinos as they continue to experience declines in revenue for the past 8 years. The losses continue to pile up when the Revel Hotel and Casino, which was opened in 2012, filed for bankruptcy a second time. The Trump Plaza and Showboat, two of the older casinos, will be closing in the fall of 2014.

Article Name
Atlantic City Casino Heist Sparks Manhunt
On July 22nd, 2014, two thieves robbed an Atlantic City Casino and stole $180,000 thereby sparking a manhunt for the two robbers.