Massive Multi-Billion Casino Resort Set for Macau

A massive new casino complex is slated for construction in Macau. The multibillion-dollar resort will be the new face of Steve Wynn’s empire, following hot on the heels of popular Las Vegas attractions such as The Bellagio, the MGM Grand and The Mirage. The woman who is set to head up the new complex is none other than Linda Chen. The Wynn Palace has been generating lots of buzz around the world, and it is the crowning achievement for casino mogul Steve Wynn.

Macau is Morphing into an All-Round Entertainment Resort

It is Linda Chen who is tapped to be Steve Wynn’s successor in his mega-billion-dollar empire. As the Chief Operating Officer of Wynn Macau back in 2006, this Taiwanese-born leading woman is a force to be reckoned with. She recounts the state of affairs when they entered the scene many years ago. While Las Vegas has morphed into an all-round entertainment resort – moving away from a strictly gaming scene to one of glittering shows, world-class cuisine and family-fun entertainment, Macau is all about gaming.

That was then, but now thanks to the visionary leadership of Wynn and Chen, that’s all about to change. Macau is also being transformed into an entertainment haven where shows, cuisine and gaming excellence are all pervasive. It’s also about high-class shopping, and Macau has no shortage of the world’s biggest brand name stores, boutiques, salons and beyond. Such is the mega-potential of this Asian gambling destination, that annual revenue increased by over 4 times from $1 billion to a staggering $4.5 billion under Linda Chen.

A Visionary and a Leader

She has been voted as one of Asia’s most influential business women, and she’s now second to Steve Wynn in the company. Many folks question how she shot to superstardom casino industry, some even say that luck is a big part of it. Linda Chen has 8888 on your phone – a gift from the inimitable Steve Wynn. But her management expertise and visionary leadership is about so much more than good fortune. She is a graduate of New York’s Cornell University, and her parents were dismayed by her decision to enter the gambling arena. Things have certainly changed, and she now flies around in a private jet – superstar, role model and executive par excellence.

Linda Chen may yet succeed her boss as the head honcho, but she believes that he has many years ahead of him, and she’s happy to work beside him until he stands down. StarsCasino features all the latest news from the gaming industry around the world. Feel free to browse our articles, casino reviews and game guides at your leisure.

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Massive Multi-Billion Casino Resort Set for Macau
StarsCasino reports on the massive multi-billion dollar casino resort slated for Macau. Linda Chen will head up the project.