WSOP Millionaire Maker II Tournament Reels in Players

The turnout for the Millionaire Maker II at the 2014 World Series of Poker (WSOP) was the second largest ever in the history of the WSOP. By the day’s end, a total of 7,977 entrants competed in the $1.5K buy-in NLH contest. The Millionaire Maker II tournament was listed as Event #8 at this year’s WSOP.

Back in 2006, the World Series of Poker $10K buy-in Main Event featured 8,773 poker players, over 4 starting days. By contrast, the 2014 WSOP Millionaire Maker II got up and running during a single afternoon. The poker boom peaked during 2006, so it is especially encouraging that the number of entrants reached 7,977 players.

Millionaire Maker II is a Raging Success at the WSOP

In spite of placing second to the 2006 tournament – in terms of numbers – this year’s Millionaire Maker tournament is already setting records. During the inaugural tournament in 2013, the attendance was 6,343 players. In much the same fashion, this year’s players compete in 1 of 2 starting sessions with the option to re-enter. During the morning session, some 4,722 poker players competed and during the second session in the afternoon, some 3,255 players competed.

It comes as no surprise to WSOP poker fans that the final player count on Saturday was the biggest single day poker session ever. In terms of numbers alone, the Seniors NLH championship reeled in 4,407 poker players in 2013 – a massive number for the staff at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Many of those players also competed in poker events at the 2013 WSOP. Some 400 poker tables were in action at the Rio Convention Center at the time, with loads of cash games running around-the-clock.

Event #8 is Worth a Cool $1,000,000+

In fact, poker aficionados are quick to point out that Saturday’s final player count shattered expectations, and drew praise from those in attendance. It proved to be quite the spectacle. Millionaire Maker 2 continued through until the close of play on Monday, 2 June. The winner of the Millionaire Maker II No Limit Holdem game is set to receive $1 million. The total prize pool was listed as $10,768,950. The top players include Bart Lybaert with 1.2M chips, Stephen Graner with 830K chips and Maurice Hawkins with 758K chips. Event #8 is divided up into Event #8A and Event #8B. Details of the latter event have yet to be decided.

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WSOP Millionaire Maker II Tournament Reels in Players
The Millionaire Maker II tournament at the 2014 WSOP has reeled in 7,977 entries. Stars Casino details this exciting contest.